Saturday, October 3, 2015

Delicate dance: Targeting biculturals

Who are we talking about when we discuss bicultural Hispanics? Did these people grow up in the U.S.? What age group are they? 

Typically, the group that we think of as bicultural Hispanics are first- or second-generation U.S. citizens. These are often individuals whose parents immigrated to the U.S. either before they were born or when they were young children.

They have thus spent all or most of their lives in the U.S. but were raised in a Spanish-speaking household in which the traditions of the land of their heritage were – and continue to be – celebrated.

As children who learned English at a young age and who spoke English in school, they learned to fit into American culture while also maintaining a comfortable relationship with the culture of their family, extended family and family friends.

Many biculturals are Millennials; in fact, 55 percent of Hispanic Millennials consider themselves to be bicultural, while only 18 percent consider themselves highly acculturated and 25 percent claim to be relatively unacculturated.

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