Monday, September 17, 2012

El Clasificado reaches a weekly circulation of 500,000 and expands outside of California

Los Angeles, CA- Sept 17th, 2012- To satisfy a continued demand in print by readers and advertisers, El Clasificado has expanded distribution to 500,000 weekly copies and is now in Yuma, Arizona. This expansion in circulation in the midst of a sluggish economy helps El Clasificado solidify its position as the largest free classified advertising Spanish-language publication in the US.

El Clasificado’s robust distribution network includes over 22,000 distribution points, 290 cities and 46 geographic zones that extend from California’s Central Valley to Tijuana, Mexico and now Yuma, Arizona.

“El Clasificado started distributing 50,000 magazines in East Los Angeles more than two decades ago, and I honestly never thought we would surpass 500,000,” said Joe Badame, co-founder and COO. “I am also very proud to have a presence in Arizona, which is the first step in our company’s vision to expand across the main Hispanic markets in the country.”

El Clasificado has not only increased its circulation, but has also continued to fulfill the needs of US Hispanic consumers by providing other successful print publications such as El Punto, a content-focused monthly newspaper with a distribution of 100,000 copies.

“The void in other markets from shrinking newspapers both in English and Spanish facilitated our growth in print. Small and large advertisers alike are asking us to accelerate our upcoming print expansion plans into Northern California and other states,” explained Martha de la Torre, founder and CEO of El Clasificado. “We are very methodical about our distribution growth and this circulation expansion is in line with what our readers want. This print expansion is concurrent with the growth of our digital products and seeks to optimize results for our clients.”.

El Clasificado's growth efforts and entrepreneurial spirit have been recognized by organizations such as Ernst & Young, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC)/Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Los Angeles Business Journal. In addition, the National Association of Hispanic Publication has recognized El Clasificado for its outstanding distribution system for the last decade.

About El Clasificado:

El Clasificado, an EC Hispanic Media, company, is a multi-media publication and advertising solutions company with advertising platforms in print, online, and grassroots events. More than 1.5 million readers utilize the free Spanish-language publication every week. El Clasificado, a verified publication with a weekly circulation of 500,000, is distributed in over 290 cities throughout Southern California, the Central Valley, and now Yuma, Arizona. EC Hispanic Media also owns, which generates 10 million monthly page views from over 600,000 unique visitors across the United States.

SOURCE: El Clasificado

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