Thursday, August 9, 2012

Luminar launches as the first “Big Data” analytics solutions provider for marketers to reach U.S. Latino consumers

DENVER, CO (August 8, 2012) – Luminar, the first “big data” analytics and modeling provider focused specifically on connecting marketers with U.S. Latino consumers, announced its launch today. Luminar helps clients identify predictable models of consumers’ behavior to allow companies to reach, upsell and retain Latino consumers more effectively.

“Many marketers looking to connect with the Latino consumer have relied on demographic information and broad cultural themes when developing their marketing strategies, leading to generalized campaigns. The analysis of ‘big data’, however, offers a much deeper understanding of consumer behaviors, giving marketers the power to truly connect with U.S. Latinos in a relevant way,” said Franklin Rios, President of Luminar. “We’re proud to be the first company to apply ‘big data’ analysis to Latino consumers and we look forward to providing clients with actionable insights that will positively impact their return on investment.”

Luminar, a unit of Entravision Communications Corporation, offers three core solutions to clients in a variety of industries, including retail, consumer packaged goods, political, telecommunications, media, automotive and financial. With a seasoned team of data scientists and vast experience in analytics, technology, marketing and interactive media, Luminar leverages proprietary analytics and modeling technology that unlocks “big data” to provide business intelligence, robust data analytics and real-time insights that can lead to greater return on investment on Latino marketing strategies. Luminar’s solutions include:

· Luminar Insights App – A web-based application, this solution gives clients access to Luminar’s proprietary Latino persona models and analytics, which help provide clients with a clearer understanding of how consumers behave.

· Customer Decision Engine – This solution builds upon our data scientists’ analysis of client data and the Luminar Insights App tools, and provides an even more powerful analytics solution through customized empirical data. This solution is tailored to each client and offers modeling and behavior that is specific to the client’s consumers.

· Real‐Time Cloud Insights – The most complex of the three, this solution takes a client’s data and integrates near real-time insights to build predictable, relevant models and can improve business efficiencies in real time.

About Luminar
Luminar is the premier analytics insights provider that is changing the way brands currently target the U.S. Latino consumer. Leveraging its proprietary analytics and modeling technology, Luminar unlocks “big data” and develops predictable models that reflect the behaviors and attitudes of today’s Latino consumers across a wide range of vertical categories. Luminar is led by an executive team with extensive and diverse experience in analytics, technology, marketing and interactive media. Luminar is a unit of Entravision Communications Corporation, a diversified Spanish-language media company utilizing a combination of television, radio and digital operations to reach Latino consumers across the United States, as well as the border markets of the United States and Mexico.
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SOURCE: Luminar

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