Thursday, February 9, 2012

MyFlare launches app in Spanish for iPhone and Android

MIAMI, Feb. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- MyFlare, the most advanced mobile emergency response system, is now available for iPhone and Android in Spanish! Peace of mind wherever you go, MyFlare Espanol cleverly employs the essential resources on a smartphone - 911, text e-mail, GPS, audio and video - with just one touch of a button to provide users additional personal safety and faster emergency response.

MyFlare Espanol acts as a personalized digital flare gun by performing ALL of the following actions instantly, automatically, simultaneously and continuously in order to give users the help they need when they need it most, whether they're in distress or a more significant emergency:

Instantly calls 911 or the user's designated non-911 emergency contact

Automatically sends a MyFlare Espanol Message via SMS text and e-mail to 10 of the user's pre-selected MyFlare Espanol Contacts, alerting them that the user's in trouble, including the user's current and ongoing GPS location

Automatically and continuously delivers the user's text and e-mail messages every three minutes to the user's pre-selected contacts with an updated GPS location

Simultaneously sends 20-second optional video recordings capturing the user's present environment, which are attached to the delivered e-mails every few minutes

Instantly blasts an optional police siren continuously, except when the phone is not in use

MyFlare Espanol's all-in-one functionality is simple and simultaneous -- critical in a potentially life-threatening situation. The GPS, as well as all of the information sent from MyFlare Espanol, can be indispensable to a user fleeing an emergency, or worse, getting abducted, and will prove helpful as evidence in legal proceedings.

MyFlare Espanol has established partnerships with other safety leaders in the field, including Global Rescue, a world-renowned medical assistance organization, Richard Bloom, one of the country's top personal safety experts, and Hispanic boxer Marlen Esparza, a 2012 Olympic hopeful and safety activist.

Barry Haimo, CEO of MyFlare Espanol, said, "Unfortunately, there is often insufficient time in an emergency to communicate with 911, and only some 911 dispatchers will investigate scenarios where 911 is called but the victim cannot communicate. MyFlare Espanol gives smartphone users the peace of mind knowing that there is additional reassurance in all emergencies."

MyFlare Espanol's unique and invaluable functionality is available for iPhone and Android for a one-time promotional investment of only $9.99. The app is now available for iPhone on the iTunes App Store and Android on the Android Market. For more information, please visit


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