Sunday, December 4, 2011

U.S. based Cherple launches localized online SMS service in Asia, Latin America

SAN DIEGO, Dec 02, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Globaltel Media is strengthening its focus in Asian and Latin American markets by launching localized versions of its free PC-to-cell SMS chat application known as Cherple. Since the launch of the original English site in 2009, India, Mexico, Brazil and the Philippines have emerged as top users of the chat service; now Cherple Websites are available in the country's native tongue.

"We are tapping more directly into these markets in order to achieve greater penetration for Cherple," said Robert Sanchez, CEO and president. "A localized site makes it easier for computer users to text chat with friends and family in the United States."

About 41 percent of Cherple international users come from Asia, including the Philippines, India, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, Sanchez says. Mexico and Brazil account for an additional 15 percent of all users.

Sanchez says Globaltel Media has chosen to target these countries due to their high mobile cellular phone subscriber base and mobile marketing infrastructure.

"Given that SMS texting is such a big part of India's everyday communication, Cherple levels the field for its millions of mobile users who don't have a smart phone or data plan by bringing the ability for its users to stay connected anytime and anywhere with friends and family overseas," Sanchez said.

Localized Cherple sites are currently in India, the Philippines, Mexico and Brazil. Since the launch of the Hindi site in India in July of this year, SMS traffic has more than doubled, with traffic expected to soon top one million SMS messages per month, Sanchez says.

Cherple is used in more than 160 countries. The no-fee and no-subscription service allows people to send SMS text messages from any Internet-connected PC to any U.S. mobile cellular device and receive messages back.

Unlike other online SMS platforms, Cherple's standard text-messaging rates apply to the U.S. cell phone receiving and replying to any Cherple message, but there is no cost to the online user who initiates and maintains the conversation.

The Cherple application can be used for free or downloaded to any desktop at . To view the localized site pages, visit for the Philippines, for Brazil, for Mexico and for India.

SOURCE Globaltel Media

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