Tuesday, August 9, 2011

VerveLife Launches Promotional Music Store: RhymbaLatino

CHICAGO – August 9, 2011 – VerveLife, a leader in tech-driven music marketing solutions, announced today the launch of RhymbaLatino, the first customizable promotional music store containing nearly 170,000 pre-licensed songs for the Latino audience.

The total spending of the Latino market is predicted by Forrester Research to reach $1.4 trillion in 2013, requiring brands to focus on this audience. RhymbaLatino’s musical breadth provides advertisers with a turnkey solution to connect with this diverse and musically engaged population.  

Chosen under the musical guidance of Thom Russo, who has won 11 Latin Grammys for his work as a Latin music producer, engineer and songwriter, RhymbaLatino’s tunes reflect the tastes and lifestyles of the audience. 

RhymbaLatino’s catalog includes music ranging from today’s cutting-edge tunes to popular classics from Latin America, Spain and the American Latino community. The music library contains artists like Shakira, Maná, Pit Bull, Juanés and Enrique Iglesias. A mix of musical styles provides something for everyone: salsa, boleros, hip-hop, calypso, Latin jazz, norteño, Latin rock, reggaetón and bachata. 

“VerveLife received such a positive response from current and prospective clients on the launch of our first two promotional music stores, RhymbaKid and RhymbaTween, that it was only natural to build on that success,” said Victor Siegel, president and CEO of VerveLife. “With the Latino music scene exploding, this customizable library allows brands to leverage our marketing expertise to fulfill an unmet need in the advertising industry.”

RhymbaLatino offers a host of unique features to build customer engagement: 

- Bilingual navigation that allows consumers to choose Spanish or English 

- A one-of-a-kind platform to handle streaming or downloading, delivery, redemption, tracking, and reporting

- Branded streaming radio with five pre-set stations or stationsthat can be customized by genre, mood, or activity

- Brand messaging between tracks, and single-click cart checkout

- Customized interface allows brands to use their logos, colors, and brand icons

- Powerful data and analytics system to track music, manage codes, and report usage

"With the surging growth of the Hispanic audiences and their increase in spending, we can’t think of a better product to be launching at this time. We look forward to working closely with U.S. marketers and their agencies to customize RhymbaLatino to meet their market needs,” Siegel said. “VerveLife’s RhymbaLatino clearly meets industry demand.”

About VerveLife:
With offices in Chicago, New York and Dallas, VerveLife provides the most comprehensive technology-based products, creative services, and digital music marketing expertise to brands and retailers looking to attract and engage consumers, accelerate growth and build relationships that drive loyalty. The company has earned numerous awards for its work in the digital music promotions industry. Learn more about VerveLife at www.VerveLife.com.

Source: VerveLife

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