Monday, July 18, 2011

Spanish Language Contact Center Solutions: edioma Targets Hispanic Customers through Mobile Phones

July 18, 2011 - by Rachel Ramsey, TMCnet Editorial Assistant

edioma, a provider of mobile phone and Internet-based language instruction products designed to help companies communicate more effectively with customers, employees and partners, focuses on Spanish language contact center solutions.

In a recent interview with Portada, the leading source on Latin marketing and media, Larry Upton, founder and president of edioma, explained the process of teaching major brands to learn the Spanish-language and cater to Hispanic customers.

“As you may already know, U.S. Hispanics are the fastest growing retail customer segment for many large CPG's (Consumer Packaged Goods Companies). However, traditional out-of-home marketing programs (e.g., print, broadcast, online) don't effectively target Spanish-dominant consumers. The resulting ‘language differences’ often lead to a cross-cultural communications gap,” Upton said.

This gap includes customers using different news sources and communication problems between English speaking service staffs. Traditional language training programs are usually expensive and don’t scale well for multi-location, geographically different retail operations.

edioma approaches these challenges with Spanish language contact center solutions; targeting U.S. Hispanics through their mobile phones. The platform trains U.S. retail staff in how to better engage, service and sell to Spanish-speaking clients via contextual language instruction.

“We utilize the ‘lowest common denominator’ of SMS (text messaging), coupled with embedded IVR (interactive voice response) and microsite links to deliver mobile marketing promotions and language instruction content directly to the customer/associate's mobile phone. Thus we ‘connect’ the Hispanic consumer to the retailer by providing a compelling promotion which drives foot traffic to the retailer, then prepares the retailer to actively engage/up-sell the consumer in Spanish once in-the-door,” Upton explained.

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