Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How and When to Partner with a Hispanic Marketing Agency

Hispanic Market Overview U.S.
  • Rapidly growing purchasing power (by 2013 US Hispanic purchasing power should exceed $1.3 trillion)
  • Average Household Income is $50K+ and growing
  • Current Population of 50 Million (16%)
  • By 2050, 33% of Americans Will be Hispanic
Hispanics Are Younger and Adopt Online Trends More Quickly
  • 46% of Online Hispanics are under 35
  • 32% of Hispanics access the internet through smart phones compared with only 20% of the General Market
  • Hispanics are twice as likely to search the internet with an iPhone compared with the general market
More Hispanics Learn About Brands, Compare Prices, and Make Final Decisions Online Than General Market
  • 57% of Hispanics always go to the internet to look for deals compared to 43% of the general market
  • 72% of Hispanics prefer an online product rating over a friend's opinion
  • 18% of US Hispanic Internet Users use Twitter compared to 8% of general market
Hispanics Are a Very Social Group with High Usage of Social Media
  • 10% of online Hispanics have recently checked in compared to 3% of white Americans
  • 54% of Hispanics regularly use Facebook compared with only 43% of white Americans

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