Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unlocking the value of business intelligence, tablet computers and cloud computing – a new dimension

The Business Intelligence (BI), is a rapidly evolving market, with technological advances needing BI systems to be far more sophisticated in gathering analytical information from the vast pools of corporate data which are being developed in the form of applications. The capabilities of BI being collected from mobile data, is being aided by the ability to store information to the cloud, enabling businesses to readily access their data on the move. Business Intelligence and cloud computing are just some of the topics that will be discussed in GDS International's CIO Latin America Summit, Miami, FL, 16-18th August, 2011. 

Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming more complex, where an analytical approach can be applied to any sort of information, regardless of volume, format and origin. The origin of the information could be on the brink of a new revolution, as businesses are gravitating to the mobile tablet computer market, which, combined with cloud computing technologies, opens up a whole new wealth of information to the BI system, where by the mobile workforce can work just as efficiently.

Rob Winner, CEO of HardMetrics, a business intelligence solution provider says, “The future of data is mobile... business intelligence users don’t have to be glued to a desktop or restricted by the limited landscape and features of Smartphone applications. The tablet provides users unrestricted access to dashboards, scorecards, charts, graphs and reports instantaneously.”

Cloud computing and tablet computers have unlocked the potential to this new mobile BI revolution which has meant that employees can access information from anywhere at anytime, and also input data using shared document formats in real time, with the input being readily accessible across the company. Although the capabilities for Smartphones have been in existence to the mobile workforce for some time, the ease of this process was limited with small screens and limited internet connections making it an inconvenient process.

According to Dominik Hertzog, MicroStrategy's senior director of international marketing for EMEA and Asia-Pacific, an increasing number of top managers are using their BI applications on their tablet devices, with the demand for taking their data in tow whilst travelling. For remote sales teams, it will mean that facts and figures can be available to representatives on-the-spot, and when sales are made, the location can be recorded and information processed.

It is the responsibility of CIOs to seek out the most efficient and cost effective IT systems to respond to the fast-paced demands of the market. BI can provide more accurate company data, yet many companies are not using it to its full potential. With technological innovations leading the change to business practices, the CIO Latin America Summit, Miami, FL, 16-18th August, 2011 is a must-attend for any CIO or solution provider, whereby the most well respected CIOs across Latin America have been selected to participate, in the vibrant environment of one-to-one meetings and focused interactive workshops. For more information, please visit http://www.ciosummitla2011.com.
GDS International is a leading business-to-business events company. We offer financial, healthcare, IT service management, telecoms and oil and gas summits for senior executives throughout the Asia Pacific, Africa, China, Europe, North America and Russia markets. Our value proposition is simple: we deliver real results. And we’re very good at it. www.gdsinternational.com <http://www.gdsinternational.com

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