Friday, May 20, 2011

Grupo Televisa the Star at Univision's Upfront Presentation

By Laurel Wentz, AdAge.

The star of Univision's upfront presentation was Mexican media giant Grupo Televisa, the Spanish-language network's long-time program supplier, sometime foe and new best friend. Late last year, Televisa took a $1.2 billion stake in Univision, guaranteeing the programming pipeline and expanding it to include digital rights for the first time so Univision can offer integrated deals to advertisers.

"Nothing is bigger than the relationship between Univision and Televisa," said Lucero, a Mexican pop-music singer and star of Televisa telenovelas, at the start of Univision's presentation. "The two companies will be working more closely together."

Univision then reinforced that point with a novela parody called "Unidos Para Siempre" ("United Forever") with English subtitles. In the fake novela, William Levy, who really is the star of a popular Televisa novela airing on Univision, confesses his secret to the heroine: He has a brother. A twin brother. In fact, a Siamese twin brother. Mr. Levy reveals he is conjoined with David Lawenda, Univision's president of advertising sales and marketing. The novela ends, and Messrs. Levy and Lawenda walk on stage together, awkwardly buttoned into a single large raincoat.

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