Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Mobile Search Strategies Might Look Like In 2011

By Laurie Sullivan, MediaPost.

Members of the Millennial generation, ages 18 to 30, remain more likely to access the Internet wirelessly with a laptop or mobile phone, but it appears the market geared toward younger teens still needs to mature, according to a recent study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project (and a recent experience of mine).

Older Internet users are still more likely than younger generations to search for certain types of information online, which is a little surprising to me. In fact, 87% of U.S. adults using the Internet also rely on search engines.

About 59% of American adults go online wirelessly, either through their smartphones or through a wireless card in their laptop. Adults age 45 and younger are the most likely to connect to the Internet with a laptop, cell phone, or other internet-connected mobile device, as 82% of Millennials and 71% of Gen X connect that way. Only 9% of the G.I. Generation go online wirelessly.

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fredsimpsons said...

you are very advance. now you are thinking about 2011. it is very good. thanks fore the sharing this topic.

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