Friday, December 3, 2010

Leading With Digital

By Jose Villa, MediaPost.

As digital continues to turn the advertising world on its head, you've no doubt heard digital marketing evangelists talk about the need to "lead with digital." What they are typically referring to is 180-degree change away from the common marketing approach of starting with traditional marketing programs and then extending them to digital channels. The argument being that advertisers must fundamentally change their marketing strategies to align with new digital realities as digital media (including Web, social and mobile) takes a larger piece of consumers' media consumption pie and fundamentally changes how they interact with advertising.

There are numerous examples of marketers embracing this philosophy -- including extreme cases where marketers have completely forgone traditional channels in favor of digital or brands have hired digital agencies as their lead (or only) agency of record. Less extreme examples can be seen in the trend toward traditional creative -- TV and out-of-home for example -- that looks and feels increasingly like online banner / rich media ads, or the trend toward driving to the Web or mobile as the primary call-to-action on direct response offline campaigns.

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