Monday, July 19, 2010

Spanish-Language Marketing, English-Language Transaction

When marketing to U.S. Hispanics, companies typically find it most effective to reach their audience via Spanish-language campaigns. But through a recent match-back study, we discovered that even in those situations, the majority of Internet sales for these products were via the product’s English-language site rather than its Spanish-language site.

The impact of this is greater than you might think. Many retailers and marketers who create Hispanic campaigns judge the return on investment based only on sales via the Spanish-language site, without taking sales from the English-language site into account. As a result, they might be in the dark as to just how successful their U.S. Hispanic campaign really was and might abandon their Hispanic campaigns too soon.

Determined to find the most effective means of reaching Spanish-speaking audiences, we decided to use two of our branded products, the Ellezza beauty cream and the Xtreme Bra, as test products. For 18 months, we ran only Spanish-language television ads for these products but maintained English- and Spanish-language search marketing ads and Websites for them.

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