Monday, July 12, 2010

Discovery en Español premieres special, as part of the Bicentennial celebration for the independence of Colombia

On Sunday July 18th at 10 PM E/P, Discovery en Español revisits history with the premiere of “La ruta libertadora” (Road to Liberty), an original production full of adventure, geography, military strategy, and social impact. The documentary, narrated by the Colombian journalist Ramón Jimeno, follows a group of 300 Colombian riders on horseback convened by the government and the national armed forces, that during 20 days, journey through the 320 kilometers traveled by the liberating army of Simón Bolívar as part of his campaign to free “La Nueva Granada” (La Campaña Libertadora) from Spanish rule in 1819.

Just as that patriotic army did years ago, La ruta libertadora traverses the oriental plains of Colombia (llanos orientales), crossing the Andes to ascend into the mountain ranges that carry them into the frozen summit of the Páramo de Pisba. They later descend onto the stage where Simón Bolívar faced and finally defeated the Spanish army, at the battle of the Bridge of Boyacá (batalla del Puente de Boyacá).

This voyage is marked by inclement weather and a treacherous terrain that revives the historic events that occurred two centuries ago, revealing the mindset of the liberating army, how they triumphed over nature and military obstacles, and why they gave their lives in pursuit of liberty lead by Simón Bolívar.

La ruta libertadora: Sunday July 18th at 10 PM E/P - reviving historic moments as only Discovery en Español can.

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