Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Spanish Language Website Offers One-Stop Shop for Nation's Fastest Growing Market: Latinos

BALTIMORE, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Free advice is one thing, but there's no disputing the heavyweight value of a website that offers "a ton of advice" in Spanish. That's the idea behind this first-of-its-kind Spanish language site called 1001 Consejos. Translated into English, the name means "a ton of advice," exactly what this one-stop online shop offers to Latinos "consejos." Imagine what would happen if Facebook met Fandango, YouTube merged with Real Simple and Craigslist converged with both Ticketmaster and Amazon. Add news, weather, sports, lottery results, postcards, latest music, discussion groups, advice and much more -- all in Spanish. The result is

1001 Consejos is the first comprehensive web portal targeted toward the influential Latino market, as well as those who speak Spanish in South America and abroad. It offers unparalleled opportunity. For Latinos, it's a place to look up tasty recipes, find the best deals and bargains, buy tickets to the hottest movies and concerts, find up-to-the minute sports scores, or discover the most affordable travel destinations. Here's a look at some of the many 1001 Consejos around-the-clock offerings:

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1 comment:

Tito said...

1001 consejos looks great. Lot's of informative articles. It would be great once they get their own writers to write some real unique content. I think that's where the value will come in.

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