Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Late-Night Revolution: How George Lopez Helped TBS's Guerrilla Warfare

Now that the dust has settled on the late-night war -- now that Conan O'Brien has shocked everyone by signing with a cable network for a four-day-a-week talk show and Jay Leno is back in the rhythm -- one major question still remains: Who actually won? Or, better put, who will benefit the most from the drama that has unfolded over the past months?

The general consensus during the war was that Dave Letterman won, whose "Late Show" hit No. 1 after years of being second fiddle to "The Tonight Show." Letterman's karma points, 16 years in the making, appeared to have been cashed in for a lil Late Night Immunity after being stung by Leno in a similar shakedown in 1994.

But was he the real winner? Nope.

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