Monday, April 5, 2010

Just How Much Saving of the Media Does the IPad Need to Do?

NEW YORK ( -- Did the earth move for you? Was it as good for you as it was for Steve?

OK, so maybe you didn't preorder an iPad, or line up at an Apple store on Saturday; perhaps you're just not a 1.0 kind of person. Or maybe you don't plan to ever get one. But if you're a media or marketing person, you can't help but care about Apple's new tablet -- the 1.5 pound wonder that's been hyped as the savior of media, particularly newspapers and magazines.

I thought a lot about the near-divinity ascribed to the tablet handed down by Moses -- er, Jobs -- as I worked on the latest Ad Age Insights white paper, titled "Dumenco's State of the Media Report" and subtitled "From Social Media to Search, Print to Broadcast and Beyond, Where Ad-Supported Media Stands Now -- and Where It's Going." (It's available starting today.)

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