Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Celebration of Earth Day 2010 Discovery En Espanol Presents 'South Pacific'

MIAMI, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- In celebration of Earth Day 2010 and starting at 8 pm ET/ 9 pm PT on April 22nd, Discovery en Espanol will transport its viewers to a "South Pacific" few would imagine. This four-hour long special offers viewers a look at one of the most remote island groups on earth. Well beyond the stereotypic palm trees and sandy beaches, the Pacific is an ocean and land of extremes, from clear tropical waters and birds of paradise to icebergs, penguins and raging storms.

"We felt that the airing of 'South Pacific' would be an excellent way to celebrate our planet and its wonders as it demonstrates not only the beauty of our world but also how nature and man adapt under extreme isolation. Although we at Discovery en Espanol endeavor to celebrate the Earth each and every day, this airing is special because it is sure to rekindle viewers' amazement in our wondrous planet as they discover new truths and come face to face with some long held mistaken assumptions," said Bilai Joa Silar, VP and Channel Director, Discovery U.S. Hispanic Networks.

"South Pacific" tells the story of the constant volcanic eruptions that formed the 10,000 Pacific islands, lagoons and reefs -- and the resilient survivors who somehow managed to find their way across a vast, mostly empty ocean and adapt to a life of extreme isolation in bizarre and surprising ways -- from forest penguins and carnivorous caterpillars to the great diversity of fish that call the coral reefs and kelp forests home. And it is the story of the people that live there, the Pacific voyagers, who colonized, survived and adapted in much the same way.

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