Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Will the iPad Redefine Mag Covers?

Amid all the speculation about the market impact of the upcoming Apple iPad, one thing is clear and promising. The device seems to be inspiring loads of consumer interest and user-generated creativity related to what the media brands of the future might resemble on a truly portable multimedia content consumption device.

We had to share the latest and most thoughtful mock-up we have seen of an iPad magazine supercharged with video. California-based director Jesse Rosten has been ruminating about how the iPad promises literally to reorient our preconceptions about video by adding the vertical dimension to a format that has been dominated by wide-screen conventions from movie and TV. The iPad allows the traditional portrait orientation of books and magazines to merge with the landscape aspect ratios of video. At his site, Rosten muses, “With the iPad, there’s really no longer a landscape limitation for video. Maybe you want your video to appear full screen in portrait mode? Maybe you need a long, tall video banner ad on the side of a digital magazine page? I think we’re going to start seeing a lot more vertically shot video soon.”

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