Wednesday, February 17, 2010

US Web Usage Landscape Is Shifting

With 71% of Americans using the Internet at least monthly in 2010, US Internet users now closely resemble the general population. Over the next five years, that trend will continue. Overall, eMarketer forecasts the number of monthly Internet users in the US will rise to 250.7 million in 2014, up from 221 million in 2010.

More than one-half of new users will be ages 45 and up, as many of the remaining laggards come on board. Among younger groups, the Internet is nearly ubiquitous, and most who are able to access it already do so, leaving limited potential for penetration growth. Notably, though, eMarketer expects significant increases in usage among children ages 3 to 11, as technology becomes a part of consumers’ lives at increasingly younger ages.

Currently, 12- to 24-year-olds represent a major bloc of users at 51.7 million, or 23.4% of the total. By 2014, though, their share will wane to 21.3%, even as their numbers increase to 53.5 million. Meanwhile, those ages 45 and older will grow from 35% to 38.3% of total users to more closely align with their relative share in the overall population.

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