Friday, December 11, 2009

This Holiday Season Discovery en Espanol Hits the Rewind Button!

MIAMI, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ -- This holiday season Discovery en Espanol invites viewers to catch some of the most celebrated specials of 2009, programs that captured key moments in time and that moved many by their sheer historical impact. Some inspired viewers with tales of personal courage, while others shed light on issues of importance that gave way to personal introspection. All were masterpieces that related timely stories through robust visuals, powerful recreations and impactful testimonials that brought each and every one of these specials to life in true Discovery en Espanol style.

Starting on December 21 and running through December 25, viewers are invited to buckle-up and travel back in time for the gift of some of the best of Discovery en Espanol 2009.

Ciudad Juarez, the Silence Continues -- 12/21 at 9 PM ET/ 10 PM PT
In Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican border city with the US, more than 500 women have been murdered and well over a thousand continue missing in what is an ongoing national tragedy. This state of affairs, which began in 1993, seems to have worsened with the passing of time. According to official figures, of each ten femicides last year alone, four were attributable to domestic violence and the remaining six to organized crime. What's worse, there is an ongoing attempt to disguise 2,000 plus of these crimes committed last year as simply narcotics related. Now there a chilling new template for the victims: young middle class girls. As well as a new theory on motive: human trafficking. This documentary also revisits and brings up to date many of the cases examined in the original "Silencio en Juarez" special.

AH1N1: Mexico Reacts -- 12/22 at 9 PM ET/ 10 PM PT
With hundreds of dead confirmed and close to 100,000 infected in over 25 countries around the world, the influenza virus, better known as AH1N1, has become one of the worst global epidemics of the last 40 years. What few ever imagined is that it would spring-up from one of the most populous countries in the Americas, Mexico. This special tackles the panic that ensued as well as scientifically addresses and looks at past similar experiences, such as the more recent avian flu, as well as what is currently being done on a global basis to contain this and other possible future threats.

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