Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why we are not marketing to Hispanics effectively?

In 1955, Raul Cortez launched Channel 41 (KCOR-TV) in San Antonio, Texas and in 1962, SIN (Spanish International Network) was created by Emilio Nicolas Sr., Emilio Azcarraga Vidaurreta and other visionaries. Since then, Hispanic advertising has only been a matter of language and culture. Today, in the realm of the 2010 census, and with the level of information that we have access to -regarding Hispanic consumers- we know it is no longer only a matter of language and culture but also of many other things in between.

For the past three decades Hispanic advertising has mainly focused on talking to Spanish dominant or Spanish dependent Hispanics. Finally in the early 2000’s we have seen the launch of new media outlets trying to reach English or Bilingual speaking Hispanics. TV networks like Mun2, SiTV and LATV were launched, Latina became the authority among magazines trying to reach the more acculturated and English dominant Hispanic females and the Hurban radio format was born.

Unfortunately, few people in our industry understand that the market has changed and that it is not only about advertising to Hispanics in Spanish language but also in English or in both languages at times. Everyone talks about the importance of acculturation among Hispanics but very few understand what it really means, while others just like to say that we need to start looking beyond acculturation. Do they really understand what beyond acculturation stands for?

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Lauri Jordana said...

Hi - I'm very much in agreement with you, but I can tell you from our experience as a Seattle-based Hispanic marketing and research firm, most of our clients only budget for Spanish-dominant work in their Hispanic segment marketing. We're working on educating clients and prospects about the entire market, but frankly dollars are short and so they feel they have to make an assumption that the English-dominant Hispanics will be targeted through general market messaging.

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