Saturday, October 10, 2009

Convincing Your Company to Go Digital

There is a primary reason why most brands are not yet taking advantage of the full benefits from digital and social media. It is because senior leadership does not completely understand the value proposition. In this article we’re going to illustrate how a marketer from a major organization packaged and positioned a digital marketing proposal to their leadership team. Not only did it cause a significant budget shift to digital, the digital marketing plan generated results that satisfied the entire organization. Here’s the process they followed:

Assemble the right team

The first step this “digital evangelist” took was pulling together a core account service team consisting of business and marketing strategists fluent in all advertising and marketing service programming areas. This is the role our group plays with its clients and it has proven necessary to ensure that the digital strategy integrates seamlessly into the overall business and marketing objectives. The integration unit was able to ensure that the best suited Brand Builders, Digital Strategists and Technologists were identified and informed properly. Most importantly, this team was put in charge of holding all partners accountable for their contributions to the plan.

Utilize technologists to build the plan

Another game changing move executed by this marketer was having technologists at the planning table. The technologists helped the brand team establish realistic success metrics and define potential otherwise unimaginable. Nobody understands the technological capability better than the digital pioneers and they can show a marketer if their objectives are aimed too high or not high enough.

Once the team understood its true potential with digital, it was able to establish reality based goals and work from a position of great strength. This also allowed the agency and technology partners to be on the same page with each other. Everyone realized what was needed for their parts to be successful which increased overall performance and measurement capabilities.

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