Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crash Happens: Consumers Contest to Share Worst Crash Stories

Forget the bank vault or personal safe – our computers house some of our most valuable possessions. From family photos to thesis papers, financial documents to music collections, computer hard drives store this information many of us couldn’t function without. Unfortunately, many people only realize how important their computer storage is once it’s gone.

For all those who have learned the hard way, Qwest Communications wants to help ease your pain. With the Crash Happens contest, Qwest is calling on consumers to share their worst crashing story. Did you lose your childhood memories once your back-up drive lost your family photos or did a lost thesis paper cause you to extend your college stay? Consumers can share their stories online at and details on how Qwest’s Personal Digital Vault service could have saved the day. And while Qwest can’t replace the lost memories, one grand prize winner can feel better by winning a new Dell Mini Netbook, a Flip camera and 1-year free Qwest High-Speed Internet service

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