Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Zona expands Magnolia Flowers and Events brand with a design made to move™ through Manhattan streets

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – January 15, 2008 – Having collaborated on numerous award-winning campaigns for Magnolia Flowers and Events (New York, NY), the branding experts at ZONA Design, Inc., led by Creative Director/Designer Zoa Martinez, were tapped to design the custom florist’s new van. ZONA super-sized their original design for Magnolia, in the process creating another example of ZONA’s trademark “Design Made to Move.”

ZONA is an innovative design agency best known for its creation of distinctive marks and images. For this project, Zoa Martinez and her team “simplified our original design and, on the front of the van, placed an asymmetrical flower that creates a ‘wink’ over the passengers window. For the body of the van, we wanted an iconic flower, a burst of pure color, to create a billboard that would move through the caverns of New York City and immediately capture the attention of those walking or riding its streets. The design is crisp, simple and fresh, a moving flower in the concrete jungle,” explained Zoa Martinez. “Color branding was important and we utilized Magnolia’s magenta and green against the surface of the white van creating a design that is at once minimal, iconic and very effective," continued Martinez.

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